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This Is God

“This Is God” is a 4-part series exploring the characteristics of God as found in Exodus 34:5-6.

This Is Us

“This Is Us” is a 7-part series that explores the identity of StoryHeights Church by examining our core beliefs that we call “Plot Points”.

The Door

“The Door” is a 3-part series exploring not only the doors that open up to God, but also the doors that He opens up for us.

This Is Us

“I Got The Power” is a 4-part series that explores the power that is provided to us by The Holy Spirit.

The Book of Acts

“The Book of Acts” is a 6-part series exploring how we become the church that Jesus wants us to become.

Truly Truly

“Truly Truly” is a 3-part series that explores the statements made by Jesus in Matthew 5:24-25.