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Real Stories

Tami Wynn and Lance Holland

Lance and Tami started coming to StoryHeights in the summer of 2018, after searching for something more in life. They were looking for a Church that was active, community-based, and authentic. Since coming to StoryHeights their lives have drastically changed.

Charlene Zapata's Story

Maybe you’ll identify with Charlene Zapata’s story. She’s a Lynn resident, superwoman, single mom and social worker. She found Jesus through StoryHeights at her own pace and in her own way and today is living out a vibrant relationship with God.

Emily and Jason Albernaz

Emily and Jason starting coming to StoryHeights in the summer of 2016, right after getting married and moving to Boston. They were looking for a life-giving church community, with people who would accept them as they are and provide meaningful relationships.

Sergio and Michelle Shin

Meet Sergio and Michelle. They started coming to StoryHeights while dating long distance, back in 2014. Sergio was looking for a church, and Michelle had never been to one. According to Michelle, they kept coming back because something was different about the people at StoryHeights. Though their relationship has changed over the past few years, they found a safe space to explore Christianity at their own individual pace in our community.