Have you ever felt like God has forgotten or forsaken you? As we draw closer to Easter, we reflect on the significant impact of the last words uttered by Jesus Christ on the cross. In this message Pastor Tyler Tullos reminds us that Jesus’ last words hold influence, offering hope and comfort that still resonates today.

This sermon helps us understand the depths of despair and abandonment that Jesus experienced, drawing parallels to our own struggles and the unyielding presence of God even when we feel most isolated. Join us as we uncover heavenly peace, and discover how embracing God’s word can brighten our paths and provide assurance that we are never truly alone. Thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we can hold firmly that God will never turn his back on us, we will never be forgotten and He will never forsake us. Even in our darkest times can cling onto the grace and hope of Jesus.

How do we know this to be true? Jesus modeled it for us, even in the depths of his despair, He turned to God’s word for comfort rather than turning away. What are we to do when feeling forgotten or forsaken? We must call on the Lord (Psalm 22:19), praise the Lord (Psalm 22:22), fear the Lord (Psalm 22:23), and seek the Lord (Psalm 22:26). Pastor Tyler reminds us when you find yourself floundering again, it’s not because God has abandoned you, it’s because you have no reverence of him. Call the Lord, praise the Lord, fear the Lord, and seek the Lord.

Please remember, when you are at your lowest and you are at your darkest, you need to understand that God has not abandoned you. He is attracted to you. When you are at your lowest and when you are at your darkest, God is not farthest from you, He is nearest to you. And when you are at your lowest and you are at your darkest, God is not saying I can’t be with their weakness. He’s saying let me give them my strength. This is the God that we’re talking about, a good God!