StoryHeights YTH

Welcome to the Student Ministry for students 5th-12th grade
Sunday Experiences
Sunday Experiences

Every Sunday, all students start with their families in the service to worship and engage with the music. Then at the transition between music and the preaching, 5th-10th graders are welcome to join in the YTH Lounge for small groups where it’s loaded with comfy furniture, games, and snacks. Each of our Sunday YTH experiences are distinctly curated, each of our three services have different focuses so that if you choose to come to a worship service, serve and/or attend a Bible study, your teen will have different experiences that will keep them engaged.

While junior and senior students are welcome to join us at our retreats and hangouts, we encourage 11th and 12th graders to engage with the church body in our worship services, adult Bible studies, and join a ministry team to prepare them for beyond their teen years so they’ll easily graft into a church community in college and beyond no matter where they live.

We exist to help middle and high school students live for Jesus

9am Service


It’s all about hanging out, games, challenges and more to help your teen make friends and feel comfortable at church. There’s a short devotional with a Bible message and a few minutes in group discussion that will apply that Bible message to their life in a real way.

10:15am Service


It’s all about learning about God, the Bible and Jesus. In this service, we go a little deeper with teaching and ask thought-provoking questions that will challenge your teen to think critically about their beliefs.

11:30am Service


It’s all about serving in the house of the Lord. After a quick Bible message and group discussion, every student is given a service opportunity in our kids or production ministries where they get to learn how God can use them to serve other people.


StoryHeights YTH meet up once a month for a fun event around the city. Whether its a scavenger hunt or a game night, this is the perfect time to build life-giving friendships and a great way to invite other friends to know Jesus.


Twice a year StoryHeights YTH participate in retreats especially designed to further their knowledge of Jesus and develop a deeper connection with God. Through activities, devotionals and worship, we build community and strengthen our faith.

YTH Baptisms

Water baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. We water baptism teens who make their own decision to follow Jesus with their parent’s consent. While choosing to follow Jesus and be baptized is a personal decision, we want to partner and celebrate with you. We do this through a short baptism class for the whole family, which will give us an opportunity to meet your student, ensure your teen understands water baptism, and gives everyone a chance to ask questions.