In this sermon, Pastor Tyler Tullos teaches from Luke 4 about the mission and model of ministry that Jesus lays out throughout the
Gospels. Christians often ask if megachurches are right or wrong. This is the wrong question to ask, the better question to ask is are you aligned with God’s heart and mission to reach as many people as possible for Jesus?

How do you know if you are aligned? You find the pattern of Jesus’ ministry in your own story. He first comes to you and touches your life, he then works through you to reach other people. In other words, Jesus to you – Jesus through you to others – Jesus through you to others for everybody.

Hell is too hot and eternity too long to be critical of a church’s size. Instead of focusing on the numerics focus on your own heart. If you have been touched by Jesus like Simon-Peter’s mother-in-law was, then follow her lead. Get up and immediately start serving.

Reference scriptures: Luke 4:14-15, Luke 4:38-44