The belief system of woke theology has infiltrated the Church of Jesus Christ.

In “Beliefs of Woke-ology,” Pastor Crystal Tullos teaches on the six main beliefs of woke theology that has infiltrated the Church of Jesus Christ and challenges believers to look inward and examine where this belief system has warped our hearts and mind and challenges us to wake up and let the light of Christ shine. Are you woke or truly awake?

What is woke-ology?
Basically, it’s this: Woke-ology says…

I am central and the source of truth. It’s about me.

There are 6 major beliefs in the woke church.

1) Woke-ology emphasizes the love of God over the holiness of God.

2) Woke-ology offers and demands an offensive-free environment.

3) Woke-ology universalizes Heaven and eliminates hell.

4) Woke-ology promotes a FREE-FOR-ALL, NO BIG DEAL, RULES-FREEMentality

5) Woke-ology believes “How You FEEL Becomes the FACTS”.

6) Woke-ology concentrates on Your POTENTIAL over Your Depravity.