By Amanda Cox

It’s one of the best times of the year: Time for Small Groups to start!

I’m especially excited about this semester because it’s got so much to offer and so many ways to connect to one another. We’ve also got some really fun one-off activities planned that you won’t want to miss. By the way – you can sign up for as many groups as you want! Small Groups are more than just activities or obligations. Small Groups are the place where you can actually get to know people and be known by people.

Don’t believe the lie that you can live life by yourself. You were designed to be in relationship with others. The Bible (1 Corinthians 12) talks about how as a church we are one body made of many parts. If we were all the same part, or if we are missing parts, we’re a pretty limited (and boring) body. Small groups help us grow as individuals and as a church community. It’s where we make relationships, learn about discipleship, and really just have a great time together.

I’m an introvert and love my time alone, but I excitedly look forward to meeting with my group each week. It’s the most impactful form of self care I can do. When we isolate ourselves, we become myopic and we can begin to wallow in our problems and feelings. Getting together with others helps us refocus and see things for what they actually are. The people I’ve met in Small Groups each year have profoundly impacted my life. Not only have I made friends, I’ve found people to “do life” with. What does that mean?

For me, it means that I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who doesn’t have it all figured out. It means that I’ve gained new perspectives about ways God loves me by getting to know how He loves people around me. It means that I’ve learned so much about Jesus and His nature by studying scripture, praying, and serving alongside others. My small groups have also helped me move houses, fixed my car’s air conditioner, cooked meals for me, and really have been a family here for me. They have been the small army that helps me raise my child. I simply would not still be here without them. Our church is made up of some of the most amazing people you will ever meet! You don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t at a small group. We’re all a little bit of a mess. We are counting on you to bring yourself and your unique perspective. We grow so much better together.

Can I challenge you to fully commit to a group this semester? It might even be a little bit inconvenient to get there and there will always be a reason not to go, but I guarantee this will be one of the best ways you can invest in yourself this fall.

5 Reasons to Join a Small Group

1. It’s a great way to get to know people.
– Not only for you to meet people but for people to meet YOU!
2. There are a lot of groups involving food and fun activities
-apple picking, hiking, craft fairs, activities around town, potluck dinners, game nights, etc.
3. It’s a safe place to be yourself
-We really want to know YOU. Just as you are.
4. To learn more about the Bible
-We believe the Bible is living and active and always applicable to our lives.
5. It’s scientifically proven to help your mental health
-Laughter has been proven to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. We always have laughter!

Types of Small Groups offered this semester
Learning to study the Bible (LEAD)
Devotional studies
Book Studies about a Christian lifestyle
Bible Studies
Gaining spiritual FREEDOM

If you can’t make it every week, no problem. We have several groups designed to be able to come when you can without feeling like you’ve missed everything.

As always, if you have any questions or need help figuring out what group is best for you, email me (! If you’re nervous about going alone, I will find someone to go with you! We really want you here!

If you haven’t joined a group yet, head to our website and sign up today!