StoryHeights Rewrite

We are excited to announce the launch ofStoryHeigthts Church's newest ministry: ReWrite.

Through the StoryHeights ReWrite ministry, funded by the StoryHeights Church, StoryHeights Foundation, and StoryHeights Montessori operating budgets, qualifying participants will be able to rewrite their stories and soar to new heights in life. StoryHeights ReWrite will assist in the identification of grants for housing, childcare expenses, and groceries, alleviating the hardship barriers towards life improvement.  Acceptance into the three-year ministry program is based on availability, completion of an application process, and strict adherence to ministry guidelines.  Ministry guidelines include demonstrating a desire for life change, Jesus and Biblical-centered discipleship, proven sobriety for 2+ years and working for at least 25+ hours per week while concurrently enrolled in a part-time trade school or college program.  Participants are also required to attend and serve within StoryHeights Church on a weekly basis, participate regularly in a small group, and meet bi-weekly with StoryHeights Church pastors for spiritual guidance and Biblical discipleship.  Through StoryHeights ReWrite, we will get to witness generational stories changed forever and live out the heartbeat of our church:  TO REACH THE ONE.

We’re thrilled to announce we have accepted our first ReWrite participant.  She and her daughter will be moving into the new ReWrite apartment in January 2021.  A portion of your year-end giving will go towards securing and furnishing the apartment.  All identities and addresses will remain confidential.