Vision 26

Here at StoryHeights, you will often hear us reference “Vision 26.” We have a bold vision to encircle the city of Boston with life-giving church communities. In the coming years, we will launch campuses north, south, east of Boston and even Downtown so that everyone living in the Greater Boston Area can connect their story to God’s story.

This is one of the heartbeats of our church, and it exists to coincide with our mission: to connect your story to God’s story so that he can take your story to new heights. We exist to reach every sector of the Boston area and greater New England at large—whether that be within a church context, the marketplace, education, or small group communities. In whatever method, our aim is to reach “the one.”

Jesus told us in the Bible that all of Heaven’s attention is on the one person who is lost, or not where they were originally intended to be, and God moves all of Heaven and Earth to find, rescue and restore one person at a time. There’s no one that’s too insignificant, too important, or too far out of His reach; and because that is Heaven’s cry, it’s our heartbeat and we do everything with that aim in mind.