Ever feel like you need a fresh perspective in your life? Someone who hasn’t heard you circle the same issue twenty times and is silently judging you for bringing it up again (we’ve all been there)? Need some good old-fashioned advice from a friendly, biblical perspective? Then you’re in luck! We are starting a new advice column online at StoryHeights called Asking for a Friend: Dealing with Life’s Questions Together. You can feel free to submit all your questions on life’s greatest mysteries, big or small! This may range from “How do I deal with conflict with a friend?” to “How can I find the motivation to read my Bible?” to “What’s fun to do in Boston?” to “My marriage needs a fresh breath of life. What do I do?!” All questions will be ANONYMOUS (text submissions only) and you can feel free to be as detailed as you like (we’ll never reveal personal information in the posts)! The column will be posted weekly through the end of the summer.

Text it all out to (617) 564-1722 and you may just be featured! Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.