Growth Track

StoryHeights Church offers Growth Track, which is your path to new heights! Growth Track takes place over the course of two 90 minute sessions held in-person at our building on Sunday mornings. Child care is offered through our StoryHeights KIDS programs! You’ll discover what it means to belong to the StoryHeights Church community, be equipped with essential tools to help you grow spiritually, and you’ll discover how you’re uniquely wired and gifted by God so you can find your fit in our church body.

Meet Your Church

Meet Your Church introduces you to our community pastors, our vision and mission, doctrinal and belief statements, governance structure, the culture and values of the church, and church finances. Meet Your Church allows you to belong to the StoryHeights Church family by placing formal membership and points you on the path to functional membership.

Meet Your Faith

Meet Your Faith equips you with essential tools to grow as a healthy believer. If you’re new to Christianity, you’ll learn a lot about the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith, and you’ll receive resources to help you learn more. Even if you’ve had a relationship with God for a while, Meet Your Faith will give you a fresh perspective and healthy insight on ways you can continue growing in your faith. You’ll develop healthy habits that will keep you growing and protected.

Meet Yourself

Meet Yourself will help you discover how you are uniquely wired and gifted by taking a personality and spiritual gifts assessment. You’ll ultimately find your purpose and perfect fit on one of the StoryHeights Volunteer Teams so that you can be a disciple of Jesus that makes a difference and contribute to the mission of connecting more stories to God’s story. From here, you’ll continue on to Meet Your Ministry before receiving specific training from your desired volunteer team. Meet Yourself is an quick online assessment followed by a brief consultation with our volunteer director.

Meet Your Ministry

Meet Your Ministry will take you through the ins-and-outs of volunteering at StoryHeights. This course is designed to equip you for ministry, both in spiritual and practical ways. From here, you will go on to your final training with your specific volunteer team so you can fulfill your ministry and service to the Lord.