Student Ministry

Engaging Your Students

Students who call StoryHeights Church “home” are encouraged to get involved in everything we do. They volunteer and serve at church and community outreach events. They give their resources and invite their friends and family to our weekend worship experiences. Our student’s make God’s House awesome, fun and bring passion everywhere they go. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

When We Meet

Sundays are the best time for your middle or high school student to grow in a relationship with God and discover their confidence, purpose and identity.  Our student ministry team has curated this day to be intentional, fun, and spiritually engaging for all middle and high school students.

Each of our youth services is structured a little differently so that you can decide your student’s best starting point for their church experience.  This structure also allows parents to attend and serve in multiple services without their teen getting bored or having repetitive experiences.

9:00am – This service will heavily focuses on fun games, ice breakers, and team challenges to help your teen make friends and create fun moments for your teen so they want to come back and invite their friends.
10:15am – This service will have a video teaching and group discussion with a heavy focus on understanding and learning the Bible and about the Christian faith.  There will be moments for your teen to engage deeper and a few silly moments to create smiles and good times.

11:30am – This service will have a quick Biblically-based devotional about character and leadership development, and then put movement to your teen’s faith by engaging in hands-on service projects and service opportunities all while keeping fun and hanging out at the center so your team feels like they made a difference and some friends that day.

Coming for the first time?
Here’s how we define your teen’s age at StoryHeights Church:
Middle School: 5th-7th Graders
11-years-old – We understand some 11 year olds are in 4th grade.  Whether they attend kids or students service is up to you whether you feel your tween needs a more mature or more elementary experience on Sunday.
High School: 8th-11th Graders
Seniors in High School – Optional to the student whether they want to participate in student ministry, but we are glad to include them!
Sunday Logistics
We suggest you arrive 10-15 minutes before service begins so your student has time to get acquainted with new people, gets comfortable with the space, and so you can meet the team.  When you arrive, look for our parking signs that point you to our “middle school lounge” or “high school lounge” where you can check your student in, meet our team, and find out what the plans for the day are.
Students hang out in the lounge where we have donuts, snacks, foosball and other fun activities to break the ice and get to know each other before service begins, and then head into the worship service where they sit together during the music portion at the beginning of our service.  If that makes your student nervous, it is completely okay for them to sit with you!  
After the music portion is over, our students are dismissed to their respective lounges for their student service.
When the adult service is over, you can head to their lounge to check your teen out, or if you plan to stay for one of the adult Bible studies or to serve in the next service, you are welcome to leave your teen in the lounge to attend the next service.
If you are running late and arrive right when the service begins, feel free to head straight into the auditorium with your student.  Additionally, if your student does not want to participate in the student service, that is okay too.  We know it takes some time to warm up to new enviornments and new people.  Our team as well as some students will look for all middle and high school students and introduce themselves to your family and make a personal invite to your teen.
If you have any questions about this experience, please email