April 9th

We need all the volunteers we can get! Register today!

After three long years, we’re thrilled to bring back our annual Carnival for Persons with Special Needs! This is a special day on our Church Calendar where we carve time aside to love on a forgotten population this time of year. We host a massive carnival with booths, games, magic shows, and even an egg hunt! Everything is curated specifically to serve families with special needs.

There are several ways and time frames that you can help us serve these families through this incredible event.

  • Help us set up on Friday, April 8th from 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Serve as a balloon room attendant
  • Host an arts and crafts station
  • Serve as a quiet room attendant
  • Serve at the ball pits/trampolines
  • Serve at the bounce houses
  • Greet families at the registration tables
  • Serve carnival food
  • Paint faces
  • Dress up as the Easter Bunny (or Easter Chick)
  • Make Balloon Animals
  • Help us tear down on Saturday evening from 4 pm – 6 pm

    Please fill out the registration form for one individual only, not any spouses, partners, or students.

    Childcare will be available for younger children of volunteers (children 4 & under), though students ages 5+ are encouraged to volunteer along with their parents.

    *From 3 pm -4 pm, when our guests have gone, we will open the carnival up for families of StoryHeights who have volunteered to enjoy with their children!