If you’ve been to StoryHeights before, you may have heard us talk about Vision 26. If not, let us introduce you. Vision 26 is the driving force behind the work of our church – we long to see a life-giving and accessible expression of StoryHeights within all 23 neighborhoods of Boston as well as Brookline, Newton, and Cambridge.

Like all good and grand visions, they take time to come to fruition. The past few years have been integral to the process of this vision – we were resting ready, breathing deeply, and now, in 2020, we are getting ready to run.

The goal towards which we are running is StoryHeights North – our first expression of the church above the Charles River, and we’re aiming to launch with a permanent location in 2021.

StoryHeights North will be different from anything we’ve done before. Not only do we plan on launching the church in a permanent space, but the building will also function as a StoryHeights Montessori location as well as a site for the Play-on-Purpose Center, a first of it’s kind indoor coworking space with play center amenities.

All of the 2020 over and above offerings, also known as Vision 26 offerings, will be earmarked for the StoryHeights North expansion. As we get ready to run this year, would you prayerfully consider giving of your resources or time to bring this vision to life? We’ll be gathering a launch team soon so we can go forward in strength and continue to bring more life, hope, and purpose to the greater Boston area. It’s our story. Let’s take it higher.

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We need you to pray this endeavor into existence.  As often as you think about it, here’s 5 things you can pray specific prayers for:
  • Ask God to reveal a building to us that’s at least 5,000 sq feet with a minimum of 100 parking spaces somewhere between 90 and 95 anywhere from Burlington to Everett.
  • Ask God to move upon the hearts of people to join the launch team and speak clearly to them about their role in this next chapter of StoryHeights.
  • Ask God to give us favor with town governments to get occupancy permits when needed.
  • Ask God to show us the proper steps we need to take for funding.
  • Ask God to keep Ian and Melody Poh, our StoryHeights North Campus Pastors strengthened and protected.
All of the timing for opening this new campus is really dependent on two things: (a) finding the right permanent space to either lease or buy and (b) ensuring we have at least 35 people committed on the launch team.  If we were to find a building TODAY, we’d be looking at launching in early 2021 as there will be required time for team building, funding the project, building out the space and getting occupancy permits with the town government.
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Signups are now open for the Mystic River 5K Run/Walk that StoryHeights Church is sponsoring in Somerville.  We’re participating in this 5K as a symbol of us getting “ready to run” (our 2020 collective word) into North Boston, and we want everyone (even kids and teens) to participate on Saturday, May 16th from 8am-11am!

If running/walking is not possible for you, you can also volunteer for this 5K.

If you sign up, you also get a custom StoryHeights 5K Limited-Edition T-Shirt

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Meet Melody and Ian,

Melody and Ian graciously accepted the call to pastor our new StoryHeights North Campus as Community Pastors. They’ve been married since 2012 and are originally from China and Malaysia.

Melody came to the USA as an exchange student in high school, while Ian moved for his undergraduate degree. In a random (but divine) turn of events, they both met in Des Moines, IA  during college at Drake University. After dating off and on during college they eventually got married, and soon after moved to Boston to pursue their MBA’s in Supply Chain Management (Ian) and Data Analytics (Melody). That’s when Ian and Melody found StoryHeights and the rest is history!

Today Ian and Melody have two sons, Damian (5) and Eli (2). In addition to stepping into the call of pastoring and being wonderful parents, they are full time employees in the Finance Sector in Boston and currently reside in Burlington, MA.

They strive to live generously and love authentically. They lead with humility and genuine dedication to following Jesus and keeping God first in every measure of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we weaken anything we're doing at the Newton (Boston West Campus) to make this new campus happen?

No.  We will launch the new campus out of strength and only when we’ve met the criteria of finding the right building, have a fully built out team at both Newton and the new campus, and are fully funded for both campuses.

Will Pastor Tyler and Crystal permanently leave Newton to preach at the new campus?

No.  We will continue to build our teaching team to carry the load and explore other alternatives to keep them present at both locations.

Will the church go in debt for this new campus?

Perhaps.  Our bylaws and board of trustees dictate how much debt the church can go into for new ventures and approve the cash flow at every turn.  We’re exploring all forms of financing.  The Vision26 fund is currently open if you want to give specifically to this project.

Can anyone join the launch team?

Yes, pending they don’t already have leadership roles at Newton that cannot be transferred to someone else.  If you feel you’re supposed to give up your seat or spot on a team to make this new campus happen by committing to be at the first few months of services until new people can fill key volunteer roles, we want you to feel fully free to make the move.

How do I join the team?

Email ian@storyheights.com or melody@storyheights.com to express your interest and ask questions. Or click the button below!

Making room for the one is the heartbeat of StoryHeights Church!  We’ll always be known for going to all costs to connect more people to God’s story so He can take their stories to new heights!  Thank you for your heart to reach the one!



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