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All our Small Groups meet every other week, all the way through May 2021, on either Zoom, Facetime, or in person. Scroll through the list below (organized by day of the week) and click the group you’d like to register for. After you register, the leader of your group will reach out to you directly with all the information you’ll need to get connected.

Don’t be afraid to jump in at any time! Our leaders have catered all groups to welcome newcomers at any stage.


Discipleship Bible Study (Virtual)
Monday, 6:30 PM

From 2020 to Eternity: The Sacred Calling of Discipleship

In this small group, we’ll explore the sacred and timeless devotion of becoming a disciple of the Messiah. We’ll build an understanding of how to go from being a convert of the faith to a follower of Jesus, how to become an ambassador to His kingdom, and how to refine being a doer of the word and work He places in your heart.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, facing financial hardships, or are generally tired of COVID-19, together we’ll unearth the practicality of discipleship today. Our hope is that we will come out of this season having built a strong foundation of how to navigate the pressures and conflicts in our lives and view them as training grounds to flourish the nature of God in us.

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Encouraging Conversations (Virtual)
(Women Only) Monday, 7:30 PM

This small group will be focused on “Encouraging Conversations” and is an avenue for ladies to start their week off catching up with old friends (maybe meeting new ones), talking about challenges/hardships they might be facing or needs for prayer, sharing updates on life/praise reports, and overall just getting to know more about the women in our church community. There will also be a short devotional time at each meeting.
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Bible Study (Virtual)
Tuesday, 8:30 PM

We’ll be studying the book of Judges using Tim Keller’s book Judges for You. The book of Judges shows how flawless God is at work in the most flawed situations and the most failing people. It’s a challenging book, but remarkably relevant to today’s world. Our problems aren’t anything that surprises God!
I (Amanda) wanted to reprise this study because I find myself constantly referring back to it in so many other small groups, studies, and conversations about world events. “Judges has only one hero God. And as we read this as an account of how he works in history, it comes alive. This book is not an easy read. But living in the times we do, it is an essential one.” – Timothy Keller 

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Bible Study (Virtual)
Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Practicing Spiritual Exercises:

This group will meet to practice some simple spiritual exercises in order to perhaps find new or different ways to interact with Scripture. We will share these spiritual exercises as a group and have an open discussion (without any pressure of having to speak). Ultimately, our goal is to spend time with Jesus, to reflect with the help of Holy Spirit, and to be encouraged by His presence.

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Bible Study (Virtual)
(Women Only)
Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Join us as we kick off our group with the study entitled “Jesus and Women in the First Century and Now” by Kristi McLelland.
Imagine walking the dusty roads of Galilee with Jesus of Nazareth—braving jostling crowds just to touch the edge of His cloak and hear Him say, “Take heart, daughter, your faith has healed you.” Those words, once meant to comfort a hurting woman’s soul thousands of years ago, were also meant for you.
We will join biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she transports you back to Jesus’ world, stepping into the footsteps of the women who came face to face with the living God. We will examine the historical and cultural climate of first-century Middle Eastern society to not only understand Jesus more deeply but to fuel your worship of Him today.

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Screwtape Letters Book Study
In-Person, West Roxbury
Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Join us as we dive into The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. Lewis masterfully “teaches in reverse” by wryly using demonic points of view to enforce a biblical one. There will be time for casual community as well, before discussing the book. Children are welcome. 

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Relationship Goals Book Study (Virtual)
Wednesday, 7:30pm

Come join us as we study and read the book Relationship Goals by Mike Todd together. All are welcome – not just for those in romantic relationships!

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Baking Social Group (Virtual)
Thursday, 7:00 PM

We will bake up sweet treats or at least have a great time trying!

We’ll share how our creative creations turned out, discuss our weeks/catch up with each other, and pick out a recipe for next time.

We will also be a short devotional. Dietary preferences are welcome. Come be encouraged in fellowship and embrace your inner baking star!

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Book Study (Women Only) (Virtual)
Thursday, 6:30pm

We will plan to read and discuss a practical book together that deals with women’s lives and journeys with Christ. Come join and be strengthened by your sisters! 

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Book Study (Men Only), (Virtual)
Thursday, 6:30pm

We will plan to read and discuss a book together that speaks to men’s lives and journeys with Christ specifically. Come be strengthened and encouraged with your brothers!

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Running Social Group
In-Person, Location Varries
Saturdays, 10:00 AM

We meet and have a short devotional time, then we run! Typically 3 miles, but walkers and runners of all skill levels welcome. Perfect for the couch to 5k people. Children welcome! We will switch up which park/outdoor space we run at with every meeting.

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