Eden 2020


Eden is our annual Sisterhood Conference held at StoryHeights Church. A conference where every woman, in every stage of life, can understand their full potential and learn to walk freely into their original design. You’ll experience two days of fun and relaxing activities, powerful worship, dynamic teaching, practical and relevant breakout sessions, and the company of other women who are doing real life just like you.

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Frequently Asked

What does the cost of the ticket cover?

We use the entire cost of your ticket to offset the operating costs of putting on the conference. There are costs associated with bringing in speakers, decorations, production operation, and of course what you love the most — snacks and goodies.

Do I have to go to StoryHeights to attend?

No! You do not have to be a member or regular attendee of StoryHeights Church to attend. In fact, we’d love for you to bring a friend with you. The more the merrier!

What's the schedule?

Planning a conference like this is an ever-evolving puzzle, with many moving pieces! Because of that the detailed schedule of events will be published September of 2020.

However, for you can plan now for a FULL day of events Friday and Saturday, with lunch provided as a part of the conference ticket cost on Saturday.

If you cannot make it to the Friday events, don’t worry! There is still a TON of great stuff on Saturday that you’ll get to be apart of. But, can we just encourage you now? You will NOT regret taking off on Friday to be apart of the entire conference, and let’s be honest… how many concerts and girls trips do we take PTO for? Make this a priority, and we guarantee you’ll leave without regret of doing so.

Will there be merchandise?

UH DUH! Stay tuned for more info, summer of 2020.

Is Childcare provided?

Yes, although, it’s only made available for single mothers or those with extenuating circumstances. While we would love to provide childcare for all in attendance, minimizing the amount of childcare required helps us provide the lowest cost possible for all attendees. Let us know if you need childcare on your registration form!

How do the scholarships work?

Ok, here’s the deal. We use EVERY cent that comes through from tickets to pull this thing off. But we also know that the cost of a conference ticket may not be something everyone can swing. Bottom line, we want you at the conference and never want finances to be a hinderence. NEVER. 

We have partial and full scholarships available, and do not ask you why you may need one. We just ask that if you do need a scholarship, you let us know as soon as you can by emailing info@storyheights.com to request one. This just helps us plan our budget as best we can and steward your money well.