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How do you Share the LOVE Story?

By Charissa Zapata-Walker I’ve often wondered, “Where do I begin God? Where do I begin telling the best story ever told? How do I begin expressing how deep and profound Your love is? How do I begin telling my story with all its complexities and turns? How do I encourage…
April 22, 2020
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Jesus in our Midst

By Sijy Voit How privileged we are to be able to read from the gospels, to have witness accounts of Jesus’ ministry as he lived among man. We’ve recently been reading from Luke as part of our church-wide reading plan. My favorite thing about reading the gospels is all the…
March 24, 2020
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You Cannot Do This Alone

By Jim Brackett I was watching my son warm up his arm and enjoying the Spring weather that was so late in coming that year. The previous February and March proved just how tough a New England winter can be. “His name is Whit,” said Barb. “What?” I replied, distracted.…
March 18, 2020